the paradox boutique

It’s not just a Gift Shop, it’s a Paradox Boutique!

Our experience is unforgettable, but some visitors forget!

Furthermore, there are those who cannot contain their excitement and want even more. Don’t worry! We’ve got everyone covered!

the boutique

Before returning “Back to Reality”, our Paradox Boutique awaits you, offering you a big variety of games, clothing items, souvenirs, accessories and gadgets, all with a touch of paradox! Products that will challenge your perspective, exercise your brain, decorate your house, style you up or become memorabilia of your paradox experience.

Whether you are looking for a perfect gift for your beloved ones or wanting to share your memories with family and friends, Paradox boutique is your one-stop-shop for all kinds of products that combine learning with fun and education with entertainment.

Visit us, try them, ask our Shop experts and choose the ideal product for you.